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Women At The Well Of Living Waters is an empowering community of women. We help many to see themselves in our transformative stories.

As we share our experiences and wisdom that address women’s fears, past scars, and present limitations; we gear them towards a positive future.

We energise women in business, marriage, education, and community involvement to increase their participation, contribution, success, and all-round fulfilment.

By generating and sharing fresh insight and knowledge, we collaborate, connect, amplify voices, and help women make impact in the community they belong.

See Yourself in Our Stories

Our stories will stir up possibilities in you.

Show you what steps to take to actualise your dreams.

Help you avoid mistakes we made in the past.

The Task

We are on a task to do the following:

To revolutionise lives and make them impactful to their communities.

Empowering people to influence change and challenging them to be better learners without limit.

Improving self-worth and self-esteem and turning scars into signatures of stardom.

Supporting a life of fulfilment, starting from where you are.

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Our Strategy

Our strategy is what we call the five pillars or five major aspects of our vision:

Through training, mentoring, collaboration, and initiatives.

Talk shows, one-on-one sessions, awareness.

Workshops, seminars, P.U.S.H.

Guidance and support, counselling, health and wellness.

Legal and information, safeguarding, equality, and diversity.

Our Mission

Our mission is to proactively provide services for the advancement, development, and establishment of women and by default, men.

Empowerment Through Revolution

We seek to build a network of women around the world who would like to revolutionise the course of their lives and that of their families – to discover themselves, irrespective of their past experiences, mistakes, and failures. We do this by influencing and introducing them to powerful, yet easily applicable steps that will turn theirs Scars into Stars, and Experiences into Exploits.

Relentless Commitment

Regardless of the magnitude and complexity of people’s needs, the women within Women At The Well Of Living Waters (W@W) do not walk away. Our promise is to give to those who ask of us, by using wisdom to transform their lives.

Walk with the wise and become wise and be linked to endless possibilities.

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Our Approach

We support strategically by introducing women to new strategic support groups tailored to meet their needs.

We motivate and challenge women to discover their purpose and maximise their full potential.

We organise workshops, events, seminars, and conferences.

We organise training for parents living together, and support the void created by absentee fathers or mothers through Parental Skills Training.

We create a safe, healthy, and non-judgemental environment for women to live and thrive.

We advocate for women to ensure their rights are protected and their views and preferences are respected, and their voices are heard.

We offer counselling, guidance to help rebuild life and restore family relationships that last, through education and youth mentoring.

We collaborate with local businesses and community groups.

Meet Our Trustees

Enoh Ukpong
Enoh Ukpong
Healthcare practitioner – PhD, RN, BSN, MSN.
Joyce Ejiogu-Schmeer
Joyce Ejiogu-Schmeer
Scientist, author, artist and song writer.
Edith Nkechi Njoku
Edith Nkechi Njoku
Advanced nursing practitioner and gospel artist.
Immaculeta Ugoagu
Immaculeta Ugoagu
Healthcare consultant, trainer, and assessor.
Grace Collingwood William
Grace Collingwood William
RN, MSN, health and wellness coach.
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“From creating standards of excellence to training people to work and live in more effective ways, assessing how you are doing, and helping you perform better in the future; we can combine any of our services to create a package that is tailored to suit your needs.”

Jessica Edmund

Women At The Well Of Living Waters Founder and Chair

Linking You to Endless Possibilities