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  • What We Do

Proactive Engagement

We proactively provide services for the engagement and advancement of women in all spheres of life.

  • Who We Are

Friends In Deed

We are a charity that addresses women’s fears and past scars, while providing guidance towards the future.

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Let us Link you to Endless Possibilities

We Guide Towards a Better Future

We challenge women to discover and maximise their purpose and potential.

We support strategically by introducing women to support groups tailored to meet their needs.

Group of women

Thrive in Safety

We create a safe, healthy, and non-judgemental environment for women to live and thrive.

Helpful Partnerships

We collaborate with local businesses and community groups.

Talk Show

Our weekly talk show is called Endless Possibilities Talk Show – A show where everything and anything is possible.


We empower women

We are INGO African Ambassadors and Diaspora Interactive Forum 2019 Award Winners for Work in Community Education and Supporting Vulnerable Women

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Let’s Make Things Happen

Our commitment to you is to remove complexity at every stage, while getting you where you need to be.

“From creating standards of excellence to training people to work and live in more effective ways, assessing how you are doing, and helping you perform better in the future; we can combine any of our services to create a package that is tailored to suit your needs.”

Jessica Edmund

Women At The Well Of Living Waters Founder and Chair

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By submitting my data, I agree to be contacted.