Distressed Communities

It is no longer news that the network of banditry and unknown gunmen attacks are on the increase in various parts of Nigeria in which Kaduna state is not exempted despite the efforts of the state government.

On 15th of March, 2021 The Nigerian Red Cross Society Kaduna State Branch responded to the aftermaths of an attack that affected five communities in Igabi L.G.A of the state and did a follow up at LGEA Mashin Gwari, Karshen Kotal Rigasa before rail, Igabi L.G.A, Kaduna where some of the affected people were temporary staying as Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs). The communities affected were:

  • Anguwan Kwate Sarki
  • Anguwan Kwate Jatau
  • Anguwan Kwate Waziri
  • Anguwan Kakura
  • Jankasa community that fled to Nariya after the attack.

From our assessment, the unfortunate and devastating events befell the peaceful farmers and merchants of Kwate Sarki, Kwate Jatau, Kwate Waziri, Kakura and Jankasa community on the 12th day of March, 2021 which made its inhabitants to flee their homes to LGEA Mashin Gwari for safety and security. When the Branch Disaster Management (DM) team got to the IDP camp for a rapid assessment, the following information was gotten from the affected persons and government officials.

The Impact

A representative from Kwate Sarkin village (population of about 300,000) which was interviewed by the Red Cross team said that for over 5 years their community had not known peace due to recurrent attacks by unknown gunmen. The recent attack happened on Saturday 6 March 2021 and on Thursday 11 March 2021 by the same people which led to the killing of one male (Community Pastor) and kidnapping of two (one male and one female) whom have so far been released after collecting ransom. Properties worth NGN 5,000,000 were whisked away by the assailants.

On 8th and 9th of March, 2021, Kwate Waziri village which has a population of about 250,000 was attacked by unknown gunmen at about 5:00pm and 2:00pm respectively. During the attack, one man was shot and his wife was kidnapped while properties worth NGN 15,000,000 were carted away by the bandits. Another man was kidnaped and later killed despite paying a ransom, leaving the sister to take care of the four boys he left behind.

Kwate Jatau is a community with a population of about 282,000 and it was also attacked on 9th and 10th of March, 2021 around 1:02pm and 12:00am respectively by unknown gunmen. After the first attack which led to the killing of one male and the kidnapping of two females, the occupants fled into the bush for safety as soon as they spotted the bandits light the second time. No one was injured during the second attack but properties mostly livestock and other goods worth NGN 20,000,000 were taken away. In addition, one motorcycle was set ablaze when they could not find the owner whom had also ran into the bush for safety.

During the attack, a man was kidnapped and later killed despite paying a ransom, leaving the sister to take care of the four boys he left behind.

Far-Reaching Effects

Similarly, the people of Kakura village which is not far from Kwate Jatau village and had been victims of such attacks, took to their heels as they saw the people of Kwate Jatau run through their village for safety. As at the time of compiling this report, no one could tell the level of damage done by the gunmen in Kakura, because everyone is afraid to go back.

Also, the people of Jankasa community have since fled to Nariya for shelter and safety.

So far, the displaced are currently taking refuge in LGEA Mashin Gwari, in Rigasa. They have only received food items from Muslims and Christian Foundation for few days, which is barely enough.

The government also provided the IDP with security and shelter. The bills of the injured who are being treated in hospitals are to be paid by the government.

We also informed the staff member from the Ministry of Environment who met us during the assessment on issues and findings in relation to Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH). In his response, he informed us that:

  • Their medical team were on their way to the camp to give aid in the area of vaccination and minor treatment as well as manage hygiene related issues.
  • He also promised to inform the school authority to open rest rooms for the IDPs.
  • He would forward the issue of water to Rural Water and Sanitation Agency (RUWASA) as soon as possible for the existing borehole to be fixed as soon as possible or for a new one to be sunk if possible.

Support from Women At The Well Of Living Waters Organisation

Women At The Well Of Living Waters (W@W) organisation, a humanitarian organisation that visited the Nigerian Red Cross Society (NRCS) Kaduna State on the 23rd of March 2021, within their capacity donated non-food items as part of their mandate to the Branch to support the most vulnerable. The items donated are as follows:

  • Gowns for women and girls
  • Blankets and trousers for men, women and boys
  • Young boys clothes
  • Young girls clothes
  • Skirts for women and girls
  • Native dresses for women and girls
  • Jackets for women and girls
  • Winter jackets for all sizes
  • Shirt for men, and
  • Foot wear.

The Branch through the effort of the Branch Secretary (Executive Director) added the following items to the donations by the W@W organization before taking them to the camp for distribution.

  • One big bag of female wears
  • One bag of female shoes
  • Seven gallons of twenty litres each, and
  • One hundred insecticide treated nets.

Relief Distribution

On 24th of March 2021 the Branch took the relief to LGEA Gigasa IDP camp for distribution. At the camp we met most of the women and children because the men had gone out in search of greener pastures for their families.

Before the distribution, the camp communities leaders were briefed on our mission, what to expect, as well as how they could get involved to ensure a smooth running of the distribution.


  • Beneficiaries had not eaten since morning and nothing was cooking.
  • There were signs of malnutrition in some of the children.
  • The state of hygiene was not encouraging.
  • There was a fear of cholera outbreak due to insufficient water supply.
  • Most of them still slept on the floor.
  • No medical team or support spotted.

Needs and Recommendations

  • The people are seriously in need of food items.
  • They are in need of sanitary materials especially for the women and girls.
  • If possible a borehole should be sunk which will not only benefit the IDPs but, also the school.
  • They need bedding materials (blankets and mats) and more warm cloths to help prevent them from cold and cold related diseases.
  • They need medical supplies especially for deworming as well as for the treatment of malaria, cholera and minor injuries.


Despite the feeling that enough had not been done, the people appreciated the efforts of the Women At The Well Of Living Waters (W@W) and Nigerian Red Cross Society (NRCS) adding that for most of them that left home with limited clothing, the support would go a long way in easing their needs while the nets will help to reduce the spread of malaria.

They pleaded with good spirited Nigerians to come to their aid especially in the area of security so that they can go back to their homes and continue with their day to day activities.

The activity was carried out by:

Suraj Sufyan Ahmed – Disaster Management Coordinator
Stanley Asukwo Effiong – Economic and Security Coordinator
Sandra Yahaya – Lead First Aid Team
Emmanuel Alfred – Monitoring and Evaluation Officer
Bashir Shehu Mamman – NRCS Igabi Divisional Secretary
Tafida Faisal – NRCS Volunteer Igabi Division
Abdulsalam Usman Garba – NRCS Volunteer Igabi Division
Salihu Yazeed – NRCS Volunteer Igabi Division
Farida Abdussalam – NRCS Volunteer Igabi Division
Fatima Hassan – NRCS Volunteer Igabi Division
Jamil Abdulrahaman – NRCS Volunteer Igabi Division

This report was put together by Ambassador Sunday Awulul (Executive Secretary)

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