The inaugural Women At The Well Of Living Waters global convention holds in the southwestern German city of Esslingen on 5-7 August 2022.

The 3-day event, tagged W@LWGERMANY2022, provides a forum for women from all levels of society to share their experiences and network. Among the activities that will take place at the conference are workshops, seminars, and an award ceremony.

“Over the years, I have watched a lot of women, especially the single parents and young people struggle, ignored, victimized, looked down on for daring to have a dream.” Pastor (Mrs) Jessica Edmund, Women At The Well Of Living Waters (W@LW) Founder and Chair, said, explaining the motivation for founding the organisation.

“I saw in my vision for the W@LW an opportunity to help liberate and improve the welfare of all the women, especially the abused, deprived and oppressed women, youths, and girls.” she added.

“We have to harness the power of collaboration and networking in supporting each other to the enormous challenge facing gender equality, women empowerment, closing the gender pay gap, mentoring and encouraging women entrepreneurship, just to mention a few and reaching out to wider audiences through platforms like this that brings together women to share their expertise, knowledge and personal stories of inspiration and encouragement to other women.”

Since its inception just over two years ago and as part of its strategic growth plans to increase its membership, W@LW has set up chapters in the UK, Germany, USA, Nigeria, and Ghana.

“The Global Executive Committee under my watch, has set an ambitious target to birth 20 more new chapters before our next global convention in August 2023 God willing, and during this time to strengthen existing chapters with leadership training and mentoring skills they need to effectively run their branches.” Pastor (Mrs) Edmund said.

Event: W@LWGERMANY2022

Date: 5-7 August 2022

Venue: CVJM Esslingen e.V., Kiesstrasse 3-5, 73728 Esslingen, Germany

Contact: Sister Joyce Ejiogu-Schmeer, +49 173 4802269

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